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Singing Lessons in Abu Dhabi

Singing Lessons in Abu Dhabi

Looking for Singing Lessons in Abu Dhabi?

Ana Kovacevic is an opera singer and singing teacher based in Abu Dhabi. Currently, she holds the Head of Singing position at The British School Al Khubairat.

Since 2017 Ana was giving singing lessons in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the best schools and institutes:

  • The British School Al Khubairat Abu Dhabi

  • Centre for Musical Arts Dubai

  • Jebel Ali School 

  • Brighton College Dubai

  • Kings' Dubai

  • International Music Institute Abu Dhabi

  • Amity School Abu Dhabi

  • Brighton College Abu Dhabi

  • Al Bateen Abu Dhabi

  • Al Yasmina Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for

this is the right place!

Singing is perfect way to get to know yourself better, to let go your fears, to practice discipline, concentration and focus, or just to have fun. 

The program Ana follows is tailored around your individual needs, abilities and goals.

Each student is universe for itself and it is up to teacher to find the way to approach and take most out of you. 

Singing lessons are very specific and personal. It is necessary to create atmosphere of trust, support and comfort. Only that way, you will be willing to explore your voice more and to feel your body as an instrument.

Let's get started!

Singing Classes in Abu Dhabi


WHAT: Pop, rock, classical (opera), musical theatre, jazz, crossover

HOW: Online and in person


  • proper warm ups

  • vocalising

  • breathing

  • phrasing

  • interpretation 

HOW LONG IS THE SESSION: 30/45/60 minutes long (depends on the Level and repertoir

WHO: Everyone (no previous experience needed)

WHY:  Because singing makes you happy!


WHAT: ABRSM and Trinity Syllabus Exam preparation 

HOW: Online and in person


  • songs suitable for your voice and temperament

  • analysis of text and music

  • suitable training and drill

  • performance practice

  • full support with registration process and video recording

HOW LONG IS THE SESSION: 30/45/60 minutes long (depends on the Grade)

WHO: 7 year old and above

WHY: Because it is good to have a goal, deadline, reason why... and internationally acknowledged certificate to prove it all!


WHAT: Any song or piece of music needed for audition or competition

HOW: Online and in person

WHAT DO YOU GET: Set of tools which will help you to enhance your overall performance. Great stage presence is something what is matter of training and hard work. It can be always improved.

WHY:  Because beautiful voice is not always enough           

HOW LONG IS THE SESSION: 30/45/60 minutes long

WHO: Everyone 


WHAT: Choir music, Duets, Ensembles, Pop songs, Traditional songs, Harmonizing of any kind

HOW: In person

WHAT DO YOU GET: Ear training, practice, professional conducting

WHY: Because it sometimes makes more fun to sing with your siblings, family or friends

HOW LONG IS THE SESSION: 30/45/60/90  minutes long



WHAT: Speech or any form of public speaking

HOW: Online and in person

WHAT DO YOU GETSet of tools to enhance your public speaking or presentation

WHY: Because it is not always enough what are you saying but also how do you say it

HOW LONG IS THE SESSION: 30/45/60 minutes long

WHOEveryone (school presentation, oral exams, public speaking)

If you have any additional questions about singing lessons in Abu Dhabi, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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